Automating processes - HIPAA: An interview with Moyses Barbalat, Triax Dental

Automating processes - HIPAA: An interview with Moyses Barbalat, Triax Dental

Moyses is the Network & Computer Systems Administrator for Triax Dental, a general dental practice that provides comprehensive dental care in Nashville, TN. He has used our service for 2 years and signed a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with us to enable Triax Dental to use our tool. Privacy is pivotal to our success and hence we are always open to discussing requirements to meet customers needs, such as a HIPAA BAA.

We spoke to him about his experience using our PDFTables API.

PDFTables: Can you give a quick overview of your company?

Triax Dental: We aim to provide services to patients with general and special dental needs. We offer a variety of expanded service options, including sedation dentistry, a Hoyer lift system for safe transfers and desensitization appointments. Triax Dental specializes in treating patients that may need more time for treatment due to phobia, anxiety or treatment tolerance. For patients that need extensive work or have difficulties in clinical environments, Triax Dental provides the option of conscious sedation dentistry. All of our dentists are certified to provide oral and light conscious IV sedation.

PDFTables: How did you hear about PDFTables?

Triax Dental: I was looking for ways to convert a complex PDF into a text file for later use in Excel. Google told me about your service.

PDFTables: What was going on in your job that was a problem before you started using our product?

Triax Dental: Our billing process to some patients requires us to transform the standard ADA Claim form into a validation worksheet. We started doing it manually and it took us almost 15 minutes for each claim or encounter. Consider that we see about 150 of these patients per month; it was a lot of time.

PDFTables: What made you choose PDFTables over other similar tools available?

Triax Dental: I tried some other solutions but yours was the easiest and simplest. Your service is reliable. It also has a fair price. Once I had the code ready, I never had to change anything. As we are dealing with PHI (HIPAA), we appreciate that PDF Tables takes security very seriously.

PDFTables: How long have you been using PDFTables?

Triax Dental: I would say about 2 years.

PDFTables: How do you and your team currently use the product? What types of goals or tasks are you using the product to accomplish?

Triax Dental: We have this billing check Excel file that uses your service to convert the standard ADA Claim form into something that we remit to the insurance carrier. This Excel file also uses the data converted from your service to check annual and encounter limits for dental codes, procedure validations and others. We combine the data from the claim with a weekly export from our Practice Management Software.

PDFTables: What was your team’s process prior to using our product?

Triax Dental: We typed the ADA Claim information into the Excel and we manually checked the limits in our Practice Management Software.

PDFTables: Would you recommend PDFTables to a friend?

Triax Dental: Sure!

PDFTables: Anything else you'd like to add?

Triax Dental: (From our Billing Clerk – Craig Wolf): For a unique dental practice like Triax this tool has been extremely helpful. It allows us to reliably and cheaply mitigate human error in analyzing and entering data during our billing process. Given the unique nature of our dental practice, flexibility is very important as well which this tool has shown to be quite capable of. The Triax Dental billing department is a big fan!

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