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Financial statements are considered to be essential, especially when statements are needed to verify a reliable source of income or file a tax return. The majority of business owners or self employed individuals are likely to have to provide statements and it can often be a laborious process.
To help with this time consuming process, PDFTables has made it much more straightforward for you to be able to edit the information in excel easily, saving much time and effort. Not only can you convert your banking documents to excel, but also CSV, XML, and HTML. To get started, click on the button below and upload your financial statement!
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    Validate Financial Data
    Easily analyse financial data by converting your PDF bank documents to Excel.
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    Quick & Easy To Use
    PDFTables can securely process up to 12 bank statements per second upon upload.
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    Automated API solution
    Automate the extraction of your financial data and integrate into your operations.
As a busy professional, you don't have the time to manually enter your banking information. Thankfully there's a way to upload your bank statements and convert it quickly to Excel!

Financial Institutions

PDFTables supports converting most major PDF bank statements so that you can quickly edit and analyse your financial data. Here are some of the bank statements that can be converted quickly with PDFTables:
Is your bank not mentioned above? Check out PDFTables and test for yourself! If you are trying to validate your bank statement and are having trouble with extracting your data, we can help! Contact us
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Selecting your layout is quick and easy! Download your bank PDF documents in 4 different formats. We offer PDF conversion to XLSX, CSV, XML and HTML.

Artificial intelligence

Our AI allows the algorithm to understand the spacing between items, much as the human eye does. The AI works dependably with large quantities of data to achieve maximum output.

High volume solutions

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