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Copypasting or transcribing large datasets by hand is very time-consuming. Free up hundreds of hours of work with PDFTables.

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Effortlessly convert PDF to XLSX online. Or CSV, XML or HTML. If you're a coder, automate it using the PDFTables web API.

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Our website is powered by a deployment on the industry-leading Amazon Web Services for security and reliability

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All transactions are end-to-end encrypted with the same technology used by banks. We can also sign non-disclosure agreements.


Advanced technical support is available by email or phone within normal UK working hours. 9am - 5pm (GMT) Monday - Friday.


The PDFTables cloud-based offering is scalable by design.

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Warren Yancey
Our ops team are saving a huge amount of time which can be better spent on direct customer service.
Warren Yancey, The Milner Group
Ben Goldacre
This excellent tool helps fight through the stupidity of PDFs by extracting tables of actual data.
Ben Goldacre, science writer

PDFTables converts PDF documents into a variety of file types at the click of a button. These include Microsoft Excel (XLSX), Comma Separated Values (CSV), eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

When we convert a PDF, we use an algorithm which examines the structures in the PDF. It understands the spacing between items to identify the rows and columns. PDFTables also offers a PDF to Excel API.

You can try our PDF to Excel software by signing up for our website and then purchasing a page credit package. You will get a unique API key at no extra cost.

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