PDFTables.com Terms & Conditions


1 Version 2 of the terms on which The Sensible Code Company Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (No. 06979284), whose registered office is at City Chartered Accountants, Fifth Floor, Linen Hall, 162-168 Regent Street, London, W1B 5TF (“we”, “us”, “our”) agrees to your use of the PDFTables service (“PDFTables”). By using PDFTables you agree to be bound by these terms.

2 In these terms and conditions, certain words and phrases have a particular meaning as follows:

  • access” means access to your content by you and/or other parties
  • the agreement” means this agreement and any other documents included in it by being referred to here.
  • content” means files which you upload to or create using PDFTables
  • intellectual property” means any rights in patents, registered and unregistered designs, copyright, databases, trade marks, confidential information and all other forms of intellectual property wherever in the world enforceable.
  • the parties” means us and you.
  • the pricing plan” is the particular level of use and associated charges which you most recently agreed to.

Where a defined term is used, it will be written in italic script for clarity.

3 The terms “writing”, “written” etc include any document in electronically readable form, and in particular, electronic mail, but do not include ephemeral systems of communication such as twitter or text messaging.

4 Where you are required to give us notice under this agreement, this must be done by means of direct communication such as a website form specifically provided for the purpose of contacting us, a letter, or an email. For the avoidance of doubt, notice by means of a wiki, technical support system, internet forum or other similar mechanism shall not be valid notice under this agreement.

5 We may choose to annotate this agreement to explain why we have chosen to draft it in this way. If we do so, those annotations will not form a part of this contract or have contractual force.

Our commitment to you

6 We will provide access to PDFTables as detailed in the pricing plan, and subject to the limitations (eg. as to file size or number of files) contained in that plan.

7 PDFs can be complicated files. It is impossible for us to guarantee that the tables extracted from a PDF will be accurate. Some PDFs may not work at all. While we hope that PDFTables will work well for you, we make no promises as to its functioning. PDFTables does not support OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

8 Your use of the service will be governed by your pricing plan. If you have not signed up to a particular plan (for example if you are a casual user of the website) then your use will be governed by one or more default pricing plans selected by us (see: our pricing page)

9 No guarantee as to availability or performance is offered. If you require a guaranteed service level, please contact us to discuss pricing and availability.

10 We will not access any content which you store on PDFTables, including your contact details, except in order to:

  • 10.1 Provide and administer the services in the pricing plan;
  • 10.2 Improve and maintain PDFTables or any tools that we supply for use with PDFTables;
  • 10.3 Carry out research into the ways in which PDFTables is used;
  • 10.4 Comply with any obligation imposed upon us by law; or
  • 10.5 Fulfil any other purpose to which you have agreed.

11 Unless we are prevented from doing so by law, we will notify you within 14 days of any requests by third parties relating to your use of PDFTables (such as copyright infringement notices) or of any legal request for a third party to have access to your content.

12 We will not inform third parties about your use of PDFTables unless we are required to do so by law or you have given us permission to do so. We may monitor PDFTables for duplication of activity by you and another user or users and offer to help you and them to combine resources in order to reduce your costs. We shall not reveal your identity or the nature of your activities in these circumstances without having first obtained specific consent from you.

13 We will ensure that you have the means to extract your content from the system, so far as it is reasonable for us to do so in the circumstances.

Your commitment to us

14 Your access to PDFTables is conditional upon you keeping to the terms of this agreement, including the Acceptable Use Policy.

15 You are solely responsible for your own content and your use of PDFTables, and you will compensate us for any losses we suffer as a result of hosting that content or your use of PDFTables, such as claims in copyright.

16 You will ensure that your contact details and email address are kept accurate and up to date.

17 You consent to our sending you emails at the email address you have supplied for purposes directly related to our service (for example announcements about service availability or tutorial information). If you have subscribed to marketing emails, you consent to our sending you emails about new features or other similar products and services we offer. You can unsubscribe from marketing emails by visiting our marketing preferences page.

18 You consent to our storing and processing the personal information that you have supplied about yourself, including your name, user name and email address.

Acceptable Use Policy

19 You will not use PDFTables for any illegal purpose.

20 You will not use PDFTables to annoy, harass or cause a nuisance to anyone.

21 You will respect our intellectual property rights and the intellectual property rights of other users of PDFTables, and comply with the licence requirements of any material that you process, so far as those requirements are legally enforceable.

22 You will not attempt to breach the security of PDFTables.

23 You will report to us privately in writing any occurrence, including accidental occurrences, which leads to you gaining unauthorised access to any part of PDFTables as soon as is practical after you become aware that this has happened. In these circumstances you will not use PDFTables to interact with any material which you are not authorised to access.

24 You will not use PDFTables to do anything:

  • 24.1 which is defamatory about a living person;
  • 24.2 which infringes upon the intellectual property rights of others;
  • 24.3 which is an actionable wrong against any person; or
  • 24.4 where to do so would be a criminal offence

in any applicable law (which may depend on where you are located and any jurisdiction to which your activities are directed).

Use of cookies

25 Cookies are short text files stored in your web browser to allow us to remember you when you return to our websites. When you access PDFTables by means of a web browser, you consent to our using cookies to personally identify you in order to improve your experience of our websites and the functioning of PDFTables. You also consent to the setting of Cookies by various third party services. To withdraw this consent, please see our privacy page.

Changes to terms and conditions

26 If there are any changes to these terms and conditions, we will notify you next time you log in.

27 The announcement will give a date on which the new terms will come into effect. Except in situations forced on us by unexpected changes in the law, we will always give at least one month's notice of any change.

28 If you are using our free pricing plan, your continued use of our services indicates your acceptance of the revised terms.

29 If you are using any other pricing plan and we have announced changes to our terms and conditions, you may terminate your contract with us by giving us notice in writing within 21 days of the date on which the announcement was made. Under these circumstances, your right of access to PDFTables will terminate on the date the new terms and conditions come into force. You will not be entitled to a refund in respect of any outstanding credit or other money paid to us.


30 You may terminate your use of PDFTables at any time by sending a message to hello@pdftables.com. We will not refund any outstanding credit to your account if you terminate it in this way.

31 We may terminate your use of PDFTables by sending you notice in advance. We may send such a notice by email to the last email you have registered with us. This agreement, and your use of PDFTables, will end on the 32nd day after we have sent you the notice (counting the day on which the notice was sent as the first day). This means that all unspent credit on your account will be lost unless you spend it within the notice period.

32 There are unfortunately circumstances, which we think will be extremely unlikely to occur, where we may have to terminate your access - for example where we have been ordered to do so by a competent authority and we are not permitted to tell you why. For this reason, we reserve the right to terminate your access to the service at any time without the need to give you a reason, although we will try to give one if possible. In the unlikely event that we terminate your access in this way where you are not at fault, we will refund any outstanding credit within 30 days if we are permitted to do so.

33 We also reserve the right to terminate your access to the service at any time if you are in breach of our Acceptable Use Policy. No refund will be offered if your account is terminated for such a breach.

Intellectual property

34 Your use of PDFTables does not grant us any additional intellectual property rights in respect of your content, and the act of using PDFTables to process data shall not grant us any additional intellectual property rights over the output of that processing.

35 You grant us a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide licence to use any data that you store on our site for any of the following purposes:

  • 35.1 administering the site, including the taking of back-up copies
  • 35.2 making the data available as part of the normal operation of the site
  • 35.3 to enable us to identify and notify you of potential uses (both commercial and non-commercial) for your data


36 Our services are provided “as is” and you make use of these services at your own risk.

37 In particular, while we make all reasonable efforts to ensure that our services are continuously available, service interruptions for maintenance or for reasons beyond our control are inevitable. We will accept no liability for any loss you suffer as a result of any interruption to or unavailability or suspension of our services however caused.

38 Similarly, while we may in our absolute discretion decide to back up some or all of your content, no system of file backup is foolproof and you are advised to ensure that any data that is important to you is suitably protected. We do not accept any liability for any consequential loss caused to you by the loss of data for whatever reason.

39 If you are using this service under the terms of the free hosting plan then we shall not be liable, in any event, for any direct loss however caused and arising in anyway out of the use of our services or software.

40 We shall not be liable, in any event for any indirect, incidental, special, exemplary or consequential damages however caused and arising in anyway out of the use of our services or software.

41 In any event, our liability under this agreement shall be limited to the total amount paid by you under this agreement in the six years proceeding the time at which the liability arose.


42 This agreement is subject to the law of England and Wales.

43 The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales for the resolution of any matter arising out of this agreement.

44 This agreement may be used in addition to one or more other agreements between the parties. Any such agreement must be made in writing and, unless otherwise specified, the terms of any additional agreement will override these terms and conditions.

45 No term of this agreement is intended to be enforceable by anyone other than one of the parties. In consequence, the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply.

46 If a court, or other competent authority, finds that any term of this agreement is illegal or otherwise unenforceable, that term is to be treated as if it had been severed from this agreement. Its severance will be treated (as far as possible) as having no effect on the remainder of this agreement.

47 The parties are not in, and do not intend to form, a partnership. Nothing in this agreement should be construed to the contrary.

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