How to convert a bank statement using

How to convert a bank statement using

Why do humans still have a burning desire to convert bank statements into Microsoft Excel or other analysis tools?

There are many reasons why we convert PDF bank statements to MS Excel, Google Sheets or other spreadsheet software. A good example is for tracking spending habits. Microsoft Excel makes it easy to delve into spending from previous months or years and to see if it's possible to make savings, decide on what expenditure items to cut back on. People sometimes want to carry out analysis in Microsoft Excel for error checking.

It's becoming more frequent for banks to offer data in machine readable format. But the practice is not pervasive and people still often have a need to convert a PDF to Excel, or to convert a PDF to CSV. For customers with a need to convert large volumes of bank statements we also provide the API.

At you can easily convert bank statements by following these steps.

Step 1. Open and click "Convert a PDF" to begin!

The Convert A PDF button.

Step 2. Locate your PDF bank statement on your own device and open it.!

Locating a PDF file in the Windows File Explorer.

Step 3. Choose the format of your choice: how you would like the PDF to appear. For example, you can convert your PDF to Excel, XML, CSV, and HTML.

The Download As Excel button on

Step 4. When the download is complete, open the file and save it somewhere on your device.

A file in Windows File Explorer.

Step 5. Open your new file and see your newly converted bank statement.

A sample bank statement in Excel.

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