Meet our PDF to Excel libraries for the PDFTables API

PDF to Excel libraries on GitHub

If you aren't already aware, PDFTables has an API! You can interact with it in a number of languages, including Python, PHP, Java and many more.

In the past, we provided example snippets on our PDF to Excel API page for each of the languages.

We're always looking for ways to make it as easy as possible for developers to use our API, so we've decided to package each API into easy-to-use libraries and host them on GitHub!

Here are the new libraries, and links to the GitHub repositories with examples:

Python - pdftables/python-pdftables-api

Java - pdftables/java-pdftables-api

C# - pdftables/csharp-pdftables-api

PHP - pdftables/php-pdftables-api

Go - pdftables/go-pdftables-api

R - expersso/pdftables (Unofficial package)

C/C++ - pdftables/c-pdftables-api