Robotic process automation & lead generation tools

Robotic process automation & lead generation tools

Robotic Process Automation and Lead Generation - the early bird catches the worm!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is becoming a popular way to streamline operations and reduce cost; it eliminates the need for manual input and frees up valuable work hours. In recent years the technology has become much more versatile and increased the variety of business processes it can be applied to. There are all sorts of ways to do automation.

Heller and Thyen - Attorneys at Law - Minnesota - Lead Generation Application

Seven years ago, we created a tool for Heller & Thyen, a successful law firm based in Minnesota. The tool generates $000s of leads every month by extracting information from PDF reports. The reports are generated by the Minnesota state court system.

The tool extracts information from the PDF (including contact details, dates and amounts) into a structured dataset, outputs as a CSV and subsequently imported into FileMaker Pro to produce weekly mailshots.

The whole process takes under an hour, much less than the days of work it took to do manually. Prospective clients are contacted long before any competitor and Heller & Thyen services are first to appear on the door mat. This earns them 15% more clients every month.

"Using this tool enables us to get letters out to leads days before our competitors. We now generate 10-15% more clients which are worth $000s to us every month!" - Heller & Thyen

Heller & Thyen

Use to automate your workflow

You can integrate PDFTables into your current operations to automate your workflow, or if that's not quite what you're looking for, get in touch to discuss your robotic process automation software requirements.

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