On‑Premises Test edition

This page explains how to check your environment is ready for PDFTables On‑Premises. A walk through is given below illustrating how to install a test appliance, which is freely downloadable.


Download the PDFTables On‑Premises test appliance by clicking the links below and verify its integrity:

  • Updated: 2015-12-04
  • Version: g28148d7
  • Size: 209 MB
  • SHA-256 Digest: 8283a6edb68df1e9f89c6be8b358c9bdcbc2db954e5c59909a2ab0502f010c73


  • The VM requires at least 2GiB RAM.
  • A virtual machine platform which supports the OVA file format, such as Oracle VirtualBox.
  • The virtual machine listens on port 80. The network type (NAT or Bridged) is configurable within your hypervisor and the network address (DHCP or static IP) is configured from the console during the first launch of the appliance.


This How-to guide illustrates how to get started with Oracle VirtualBox on your desktop.

1. Import

Start VirtualBox, go to the “File” menu and select “Import appliance”.

Appliance import menu

A dialog will appear — select the OVA file.

Appliance file selection dialog

Click the “Import” button.

Appliance import settings dialog

Wait a few moments for the appliance to import (usually takes a few seconds, but may take anywhere up to a few minutes).

Appliance import process dialog

2. Start

Find the appliance in the list, and press “Start”.

Virtual Machine overview dialog

3. Verify

PDFTables should now be running. It will boot in a few moments.

PDFTables appliance splash screen

In your browser, navigate to the address presented in the splash screen.

PDFTables appliance test website

What next?

If you see a green tick, that means you will be able to run PDFTables On‑Premises. If you do not, please contact hello@pdftables.com and tell us about what environment you want to run PDFTables in.

Common questions about PDFTables On‑Premises are answered in the On-Premises introduction.

To purchase PDFTables On‑Premises, please contact hello@pdftables.com.