On-Premises edition

PDFTables On‑Premises is an edition of PDFTables for Enterprise distributed as a virtual machine appliance in OVA format. This can be imported into most virtual machine software, whether on a desktop, on internal network servers or in the cloud.

You can host the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) image on your own virtualization platform, such as VMware, Hyper-V or VirtualBox. You can also host it in a private IaaS cloud, for example on Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine or Azure Virtual Machines.

Please contact us if you are interested in the on-premises version.

If you are already a customer please access your license information and follow the installation instructions on the On-Premises Licensed edition site.


The same features are available as when using our website, including the API. Read about PDFTables for Enterprise for more details.


This version can convert approximately 3 pages per second per core. It can be an order of magnitude more or less than that depending on structure of the PDFs.

"Core" is an industry standard measure of compute power. A physical processor chip contains multiple smaller processing units which are called cores. Processors used to only have 1, 2 or 4 of these units, nowadays they can have many more. Virtualization platforms refer to these units as "Virtual Cores" or "vCPUs".

Security & Privacy

Inside the Virtual Machine runs a bare CoreOS image with a PDFTables server listening on port 80 running under minimal privilege. It's the latest stable edition of CoreOS at the point we ship it to you. CoreOS make regular releases.

Manage service

The VM is designed to be managed from the outside. It is stateless, so can be restarted from a fresh image at any moment. It does not require outbound connections so you can firewall those off. It also has an IP tables configuration denying outbound connections.

Access Control

Login is disabled, and there is no method available to login to it. The only open inbound port is port 80.


We ship a binary once every six months or on demand containing the latest security patches against critical vulnerabilities, and we email you in that case.

Environment test VM image

We supply an environment test VM image which can be used to check that your infrastructure is ready to run PDFTables On-Premises. It does not process PDFs, but can be used by your technical team to ensure that you are able to run and communicate with your VM appliance.

Please ask them to contact us with any questions or difficulties - configurations vary, and we can usually quickly address them.

Additionally, we offer a free trial of the full product. Please contact us to arrange.


We charge per core of server you are going to run it on, with an annual license paid in advance. Please contact us for prices.