PDFTables for Enterprise

Large scale PDF to Excel converter tool, both cloud and on-premises.

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Our on-premises solution also offers PDF to CSV, PDF to XML and PDF to HTML conversion.

Automated API

Automate the extraction of data from large volumes of PDFs and integrate into your operations.

Full SLA

We offer a full service level agreement. You can always be sure of a quality, effective end product.


Need control over your own privacy and security? Not a problem, our On-Premises solution is for you.

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Messy tables in. Clean data out.

Our unique algorithm scans a document much as your eye would, it understands spacing to accurately identify rows and columns. It simply works, consistently and reliably, across large data sets.

Free your team to excel


Copy/pasting or writing out large data sets by hand is incredibly time consuming. Free up hundreds of work hours with PDFTables.


Our proprietary algorithm is the most accurate on the market, especially for converting large data sets and multi-page PDFs to Excel.

Secure & Private

Transactions to and within our data center are end-to-end HTTPS encrypted, the same technology you use to communicate with your bank. We can also sign non-disclosure agreements.

Cloud & On-Premises

The cloud-based service, powered by Amazon Web Services, is at PDFTables.com. The On-Premises option is a standalone Linux server binary that you can run on your own infrastructure.


Advanced technical support is available via email or phone call within normal UK working hours.
9am - 5pm (GMT) Monday - Friday.


PDFTables is inherently scalable by design, whether the best option for you is our Cloud based or an On-Premises offering. Contact us for a personal quote.

Our ops team are saving a huge amount of time which can be better spent on direct customer service. Automation realises 10X financial savings, increases efficiency and means better accuracy in our reporting.
Warren Yancey, Marketing Director, The Milner Group

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